OpenVox UScale IAD S196 Integrated Access Device

UScale IAD S196
The UScale Integrated Access Device IAD S196 is suitable for IP telephony networks and unified communications solutions to connect legacy analog subscribers to IP telephony networks.

By multiplexing the inventory of analog phones, the UScale IAD S196 helps reduce the initial investment in building an IP telephony network.

UScale S196 series products support 32~96 analog user channels to accommodate access scenarios with different user capacities.


Full Product Lineup
  • Providing 32-96 analog user channels to meet different user capacity requirements
  • Rack rail installation mode
  • Flexible and simple deployment

Multiple Solutions
  • Integrated IP telephony network, UC (Unified Communications), IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), and NGN (Next-Generation Network) solutions for analog user access

High Stability, High Reliability
  • Multiple methods ensure high-reliability access,including dual attachment,dual registration,and self-switching functionality
  • Multiple voice codecs ensure high-quality voice services
  • Built-in web management interface for easy operation
  • Supports bulk configuration
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