OpenVox UScale X1911 Unified Gateway (IPPBX)

UScale X1911


The UScale X1911 is a core voice switching equipment for communication solutions, targeting business with up to 300 users. It is compatible with various IP terminals and provides professional IP voice and unifed communication solutions.

The X1911 adopts a broadband and narrowband integrated design with high integration. It can connect to carrier networks or private network voice switching equipment through digital, analog and SIP trunks. It supports a hybrid access of analog phones and IP phones. The X1911 features modular functionality, easy installation, an hot-swappable single boards.

It utilizes a graphical configuration for convenient deployment and easy maintenance.

  • Highly Integrated and Bussiness-rich
  • Provide rich voice over IP service capability
  • Built-in voice conferencing, supporting a variety of meeting methods
  • Support One Call service to receive important calls at any time and any place
  • Built-in voicemail service, so you don't miss any calls
  • Support for Unified Communications application extensions
Effective Control and Cost Saving
  • Number analysis and black and white lists for precise call range control
  • 32 levels of custom permissions for multi-level enterprise control
  • Intelligent routing to reduce enterprise communication costs
Flexible Deployment and Easy Maintenance
  • One hour rapid deployment
  • Unified network management, efficient maintenance
  • Built-in web management interface, easy to operate
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