OpenVox MAG1100 Series Analog Gateway


OpenVox MAG1100 is a multifunctional analog gateway for seamless connection between IPPBX, fax machines, analog phones and operators.

MAG1100 analog gateway supports 48/72/96 FXS interfaces with modular design, allowing for flexible addition or removal of module boards as needed. It provides RJ21 interface modules, 2 100Mbps Ethernet ports, 1 SFP port, and 1 Console port. Additionally, it offers excellent capacity for concurrent voice/fax processing, delivering strong performance and high stability, thus providing high-quality communication services for service providers, enterprises, call centers, and residential users in communities.

The MAG1100 analog gateways, compatible with the OIAD gateway system developed by OpenVox, offer support for various codecs such as G.711A, G.711U, G.729A, G.722, G.726, iLBC and more.

The MAG1100 series uses the standard SIP protocol and is compatible with leading VoIP platforms, IPPBX, and SIP servers, such as Asterisk, Issabel, 3CX, FreeSWITCH, BroadSoft, and the VOS VoIP operating platform.


  • NTP time synchronization and client time synchronization
  • Update firmware online, backup/restore configuration file
  • Abundant Log Info, automatically reboot, call status display
  • Open API interface, support the secondary development of applications
  • Support SSH remote operation and restore the factory settings
  • Support SNMP for convenient device management
  • Support cloud management functionality
  • Support bulk device configuration through DHCP automatic deployment of configuration files.
  • Support volume adjustment, gain adjustment, call transfer, call hold, call waiting, call forward, caller ID display
  • Three-way calling, call transfer, dial-up matching table
  • Support T.38 fax relay and T.30 fax transparent, FSK, and DTMF signaling
  • Support Ring cadence and frequency setting, MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
  • Support Echo cancellation, Jitter buffer
  • Support add, modify & delete SIP accounts, batch add, modify & delete SIP accounts.
  • Support multiple SIP registrations: anonymous, this gateway registers with the endpoint.
  • SIP accounts can be registered to multiple servers
  • Support 4 SIP server templates, with each FXS port supporting an independent SIP account
  • Support TLS and SRTP security encryption technologies
  • Allow/Disallow calling specific numbers, support expandable automatic callback and speed dialing
  • Network type: Static IP, Dynamic, PPPoE
  • Support DDNS, DNS, DHCP, DTMF relay, NAT
  • VPN clients: OpenVPN
  • Network Toolbox


MAG1100 Series Analog Gateway Datasheet
MAG1100 Series Analog Gateway User Manual-Preview
MAG1100 Series Analog Gateway Quick User Guide

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